500 Students of Gujarat University gets Zero in One Paper (Master of Arts)

News: 500 Students of Gujarat University gets Zero in One Paper (Master of Arts) :

Around 500 postgraduate students of Master of Arts, Gujarati Literature got zero in one paper .

According to news, report, the students of Semester 1 and 3 got zero in one of the papers. The students reported the matter to the Head of the Department Kirtida Bhatt who took the matter to controller of examination, who informed the vice-chancellor MN Patel about the same.

Thereafter, Vice Chancellor has informed the Controller of examination to carry out random checking of the papers and had also directed that the university will not charge any fee from those 500 students for rechecking.

The Vice Chancellor also asked the controller of examination to seek help from professors and experts from other university if there are changes in the marks of the students whose papers were checked. Vice Chancellor has said that if there was an error on the part of the Gujarat University or the professor who checked the paper, then they will get to the bottom of the issue as such errors cannot be tolerated by the university.

The Controller of examination has called for the papers and is now getting it verified with the results to rule out any error in the entering the marks.

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